Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Honda CB 750 - Japoneza Cafe Racer

Motocicleta japoneza cel mai des asociata stilului Cafe Racer este Honda CB 750. Are tot ce ii trebuie unui cafe racer : stil, clasa, atitudine, motor superb...
Se gasesc cateva si in Romania,iar daca doriti, cu ajutorul Cafe Racer Roamania, o putem transforma intr-un cafe racer adevarat de care poti fi mandru. Nu ezitai sa ne contactati pentru inceperea unui proiect.

Mai jos este un proiect cafe racer al unor americani, Garage Company Customs avand la baza o Honda CB 750.

As hard to believe as it may be, this motorcycle right here started life as a Honda CB 750 and was going pretty well until ending up in the hands of the guys at Garage Company Customs. They made it look, perform and sound even better and now call it the Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer. It looks more like a bobber than a café racer to us, but the name is the least important when looking at the actual bike.
This retains the original engine, which now breaths out through a custom exhaust system, while the modified frame and new, sportier suspensions are supposed to glue it to the road. The riding position looks a bit harsh, but does that even matter when you’ll be turning more heads than on any production bike out there, if that’s your goal. Also, beware of the paparazzi if you’re riding this custom made Honda CB around the streets of LA because they sure ruined Brad Pitt’s day and you’ll be looking like him on it.

Enjoy with Cafe Racer Romania!

Sursa : http://www.garagecompanycustoms.com/ si http://www.topspeed.com/

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